How It Works

Completely revolutionizing the concept of quality time

We experiment for you

Our experts have fun creating monthly adventures. Challenges are a surprise and center around a theme, e.g., Crazy Circus, Super Geometry, the Riddler, UFOs.
Everyone can do it!

Monthly delivery

Sign-up is easy, includes free shipping, and takes a minute. Your first box is delivered to your door within 5-7 days.

Enjoy and explore

Enjoy and have fun together. Check your mail! There’s no better gift than an hour of fun and excitement. Recommended for 2-6 players, Age 8+.

What’s Inside?

Every month we’ll send you a magical box tailored to a super fun theme Box!

Boxes include challenges, brainteasers, puzzles, instructions and tons of inspiration. Perfect for spending quality time with your family and for hanging out with friends. Whether you’re 8 or 88, you’re sure to enjoy it.

The Monthly Box That Gives
You An Adrenaline Rush!

"A-team Box"
"Samurai Box"
"Super Geometry"

About Us

We’ve been close friends way before we got married and became parents to three little kids . We’ve built our home, worked in 7 different countries, traveled to far off places and shared thousands of ideas. Box of Challenge was born from the desire to have a lasting impact on how we spend our time with family and friends, beyond the latest movie, toy or video game.

We’ve tried to build this company to reflect our shared passions and values: affinity for simple stuff, appreciation of well-made things, and a belief that inspiration from creativity can make the world a little better…There’s no better way to learn than by doing. There’s no better time than when you’re together.

Our Giving Model

We give back 5% of our profits. No cap. The more we grow, the more we give. We support NGOs dedicated to assisting people with disabilities.
Inside our boxes, you will be provided with more info on our current initiatives.

Everybody’s Challenge





We love our work! It‘s fun.


We’d love to hear from you! That’s the best way for us to improve and get new and cool ideas.
Have a game idea? Got a partnership idea? Any questions? We love your feedback.

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We Share

We donate 5% of our profits. No Cap.
The more we grow the more we share

We Care

We support independent artists and
small businesses with our box

We Dare

Each box comes with a new challenge

“I have enough quality time with my family and friends”

No one, ever

There is no better!

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I have to confess. I’m addicted to your challenge boxes. There is no better. We test our mental sharpness. Completely revolutionizing the concept of quality time.

What an amazing experience!

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I started subscribing to so I would always have something fun and educational to do with my nieces and nephews when they visit Uncle Jon’s house. We learn so much about each other. What an amazing experience!

Box of Challenge is the best bet

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If you’re looking for a fun activity to do with family and friends that’s more active than watching Netflix on the couch for 4 hours straight, Box of Challenge is the best bet. the contents of the boxes far outweighs the price you pay.