The Perfect Activity for Kids & Teenagers with ADHD and Learning Disability

For teenagers with ADHD, flashy activities or favorites from your past might not be the right option. They loathe boredom. According to psychotherapist Terry Matlen, teenagers with a learning disability or ADHD often need activities that engage their curiosity, interest, and creativity. That is why they are always on a lookout for something to feed their hyperactivity.

Are you looking for a fun, inspiring, and challenging activity for your teenage kid with ADHD or learning disability? If yes, then you have come to the right place. That is right; Box of Challenge is the perfect activity that helps fight attention disorder.

Build Their Confidence
It can be tough for teenagers with learning disabilities or ADHD to cultivate self-confidence. However, Box of Challenge was designed to help build up their sense of confidence. With simple yet fun and challenging brainteasers, challenges,

puzzles, and so forth, there’s something for everyone in the box.

A Touch of Expert – Tailored for Teenagers with Learning Disability
We want to offer your teenagers something they’ll love. That is why each Box of Challenge is designed and tested by experts who have a comprehensive background in ADHD and learning with a disability. Most of them have kids with these conditions. You can count on us to deliver games and items that are tailored to your teenager’s hyperactivity.

It’s About Quality Time with the People You Love
Teenagers with ADHD often keep it to themselves. If you are looking for something to re-connect the whole family, then Box of Challenge is your best bet. Every box includes brainteasers, challenges, puzzles, tons of inspiration, and instructions. This way, the teenagers can spend quality time with family or

even hang out with their friends. It can do wonders for their social life.

Hands-On – A Box that Gives You an Adrenaline Rush!
Teenagers with ADHD love to keep their hands busy. Each Box of Challenge has something for that. They can build, laugh, play, and break a little sweat. Our challenges are a surprise and revolve around a fabulous theme. From Super Geometry to Riddler and every fun in-between, your teenagers will be spoilt for choice. As if that isn’t terrific enough, everyone can do these challenges.

Each box is designed for 60 minutes of a hands-on and fun challenge. From minute to minute, Box of Challenge is fun, inspiring, and challenging, providing the perfect activity that helps fight attention disorder.