Family Time

“A Box That Fosters Creativity and Curiosity”

Teenagers love to have fun each free second they can get. Every evening, weekend or when the school is out, it can be difficult for moms to keep up with their teenagers. But thanks to Box of Challenge that is a thing of the past.

Quality Time with Friends or Family
Moms with teenagers have tons of things to juggle. From school runs to grocery shopping and everything in-between, keeping teenagers occupied can be an uphill task. Box of Challenge was designed to help moms like you stay on top of their (teenagers) activities. That is right; each and every box boasts lots of puzzles, challenges, brainteasers, and tons of inspiration. It’s perfect for teenagers to hang out with friends or even the whole family.

A Box That Fosters Creativity and Curiosity
Challenges, brainteasers, puzzles, and plenty of other fabulous activities in the box can do

wonders for your teenager’s creativity. Just don’t take our word for it. According to an MIT research, the box fosters creativity and curiosity. It’s through these activities that they can hone their math skills, learn English, and so much more.

The 60-minute challenge is much more than your ordinary movie night or video game. It encourages teenagers to become quick, creative, and critical thinkers. Each puzzle is tailored to tickle a teenager’s creative side. Here at Box of Challenge, we believe that well-made crafts and inspiration from creativity can make the world a little better.

A Box That Gives You the Adrenaline Rush
Teenagers love to break a sweat now and then. That is where Box of Challenge comes in handy. Each box that we’ll send you is filled with inspiring, fun, and challenging items that will

certainly give teenagers the adrenaline rush.

Explore and Enjoy
Forget about video games and Netflix. Box of Challenge is poised to help teens have fun and enjoy the challenges together. There’s simply no better gift than 60 minutes of excitement and pure joy.

Tested by Experts
MIT research isn’t the only authority that has given Box of Challenge the thumbs up. Experts have a lot of fun creating and testing each monthly box of adventures. Every challenge is a surprise. No mom wants to see her teenagers bored. With Box of Challenge, you can keep your teenagers occupied as well as arouse their creativity and curiosity.