Learn English

Learning English for Newcomers into the US

For newcomers, adjusting to life in the US is no walk in the park. And learning the English language is a crucial part of the process. We have some good news for you. Box of Challenge offers the most fun way to learn English. Who knew learning English could be this fun?

Learn with Friends or Family
Learning English (or any language, for that matter) is not something you can do efficiently on your own. Box of Challenge was designed to be experienced by a group of 2-6. Round up your family or classmates to enjoy 60 minutes of fun and challenge. Besides learning English faster, you will get a chance to spend quality time with new people and those that matter to you.

The Most Fun Way to Learn English
Each box comes with plenty of fun puzzles, brainteasers, challenges, instructions, and much more. From entertaining trivia to fabulous puzzles, there is always something fun for everyone in the box. You get to laugh, learn, and share your passions. And the best part: you will learn English without even knowing.

Everyone Can Do It!
Experts at Box of Challenge have fun creating amazing English learning adventures for you. The puzzles, brainteasers, and challenges are a surprise. We always strive to create boxes that reflect our shared values and passion: an affinity for simple stuff. That’s why all our activities are designed to be enjoyed by everyone. Whether you are 8 or 88, we are sure you will enjoy it.

Proven Results – Better than Berlitz, Kaplan, and Others
Our boxes have delivered value for many newcomers to the US. We tailor each box to make learning English fun, easy, and effective for everyone. Our approach is simple: spend quality time learning. That is why our boxes offer better results than Kaplan, Berlitz, and all other major language schools across the globe. You will be glad to know that the best have your back.

Tested by Experts
Each monthly box is tested by experts – English teachers, former students, and other stakeholders. This way, you can rest easy knowing what it is in the box is top of the line. Take learning English to a whole new and exciting level – subscribe to Box of Challenge, the most fun way to learn English!